BoG Student Rep. Nathaniel Black

Protecting Carleton's Diverse Community

The SRRP is the policy governing the Student Affairs Office guiding students' conduct toward peers and staff. This policy is currently designed to prevent obvious violence, non-collegial and unprofessional activities from occurring on campus. However, it fails to protect students of colour from acts of discrimination. At present, graffiti is treated more seriously than acts of discrimination. 

Summary of Nathaniel's proposal

The motion seeks to amend section 1a.8 category one offences, section 1.b1 category two offences, and title VIII F & G. The substantive changes would be to include racism of a general nature under category one offence section 8 and to include under category two offence section 1 the use of slurs on the basis of race. Additional procedural changes are proposed to the process for adjudicating categories 1 & 2 under the Student Right and Responsibilities Policy.

See What People Are Saying

"We are tired of mediation as our only option to seek justice. the university must stop minimizing the issue."

47% of Carleton Students are of colour stated by Micheal Charles

Steps to an Anti-racist university

Daniel McNeil, a professor in the department of history and one of the drafters of the letter. “There was an ambition to bring together various groups on campus who are creatively, imaginatively and thoughtfully responding to the question, ‘How do we build an anti-racist university?”

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The draft motion is amendable and flexible to all board members who seek to reach out and work on a more sustainable model. 

SRRP Reform Motion Draft

Example of perseverance 

"For me, these achievements weren't just academic, but a symbol of resistance against anti-Black and anti-Indigenous narratives that all young Black and Indigenous students deserve to see."

- Jordan Grey 

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See What People Are Saying

"peer to peer discrimination is present and rampant, with silence being preferable to drawn-out mediation with no clear consequences."

Nathaniel's reasoning

The core ambition is to create a deterrent to racial slurs and general practices of racism by students toward peers or university staff. This change is designed to place severe consequences on those who perpetrate racist actions from within the institution of Carleton University. The changes to procedures include the suspension of campus access pending a hearing in cases when the Director is presented with clear evidence of Category 2 infractions. The changes would also allow the Director to refer allegations that reach the level of a hate crime to the Ottawa Police Service and or a relevant law enforcement agency.

Students deserve justice. Racism should be met with sanctions, not toothless mediation.