BoG Student Rep. Nathaniel Black

commitment to the environment

Nathaniel is clear about his commitment to the environment. He has committed not to vote in favour of any proposal that would expand Carleton's carbon footprint or result in higher greenhouse gas emissions. Also, Nathaniel has pledged to raise the issue of divesting from fossil fuels at every meeting of the board and all conversations with board members. 

Carbon Neutral by 2050 

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Carleton should divest from fossil fuel investments now.

Carbon-free endowment fund

In the September meeting, Nathaniel has been clear to the board that students demand action to divest Carleton from the fossil fuel industry. The estimates run as high as $30 million worth of carbon-based investments. This total is a shocking figure that has no place in an academic institution that prides itself as a leading green institution or a place for environmental studies. The only acceptable figure is zero concerning carbon-based investments and carbon emissions, leading to the 2050 vision. 

Divestment coalition canada

Divestment Coalition is a group of students and grassroots activists pushing universities across Canada to adopt a carbon-free investment portfolio. 

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Student-led climate action

Climate Action Carleton is a student group aimed at encouraging eco-advocacy by young people to encourage a greater discussion about matching climate policies to the times. 

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Laval University full divestment story

Laval University became the first university in Canada to fully divest its endowment fund away from the fossil fuels industry. 

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Green infrastructure development

Nathaniel will continue to advocate for increasing Carleton's self-reliance on solar technology, as well as building durable, lasting green infrastructure over the next several years. Carleton must incorporate greener development models and construction practices and mandate the installation of solar panels on the planned new residence building. Nathaniel also acknowledges the need for new and revised recycling protocols to reduce Carleton's contributions to local and global pollution. Statistics continue to expose a failing recycling system in Canada.

Nathaniel's Plan

Develop a fully electric vehicle parking lot as p9 replacement 2024.